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College Students and Their Parents’ Home Insurance

If you are a college student who’s planning on moving out or a parent sending off their college kid, then this blog is for you! Moving day can be an emotional experience for both the student and parent(s), but one...

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More Homeowners Insurance Tips 2021

In our previous blog, we shared some tips on home insurance. To give you that extra support in your insurance research journey, we compiled another short list of homeowner insurance tips that you may or may not be aware of...

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Home Insurance Policy Tips 2021

Lately, it has been an intriguing year for homeowners when it came to 2020’s wildfires, hurricanes, and pandemic. Despite 2020’s challenges, it still managed to outperform the 2019 house market in terms of home prices and volume. In addition, 2020...

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New Homeowners’ Brief Guide on Buying Home Insurance

Usually people would think about home insurance when their home faces some form of destruction or when someone sues them for getting injured on their property. To avoid paying out of pocket after these costly accidents, take the time to...

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An Overview of Flood Insurance

If your property is located in a flooding prone location, then you might want to consider getting flood insurance. Even if your home is not located in a high risk of flooding location, all 50 states of America have experienced...

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Groundbreaking Information About Earthquake Insurance

Before you go off to find the best homeowners insurance companies in California, you might want to consider purchasing additional insurance policies depending on where your property is grounded on. For example, if you live in California, you have most...

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