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Whether you are about to buy your first home, or you have already paid off your mortgage, you need to have homeowner’s insurance. This is important no matter where you are in the USA, but even more so in states like California and Florida. As such, you will need to understand different aspects of these insurance policies and know which are the best homeowner’s insurance companies in California or the top Florida homeowner’s insurance companies.


Why You Need Homeowner’s Insurance


If you have a mortgage, your lender may require that you have home insurance before releasing funds to you or refinancing. For example, depending on where you live, you may require insurance against forest fire, hurricane, earthquake, or flooding.


Homeowner’s insurance policies provide you with a financial safety net against damage and loss, and can include several types of coverage:


  • ✓  Dwelling coverage – this covers the costs of repair to your house, garage, deck, or other attached stricture due to damage caused by a covered peril including fire, earthquake, flood, or hurricane. This is usually based on the size of your home and the cost to rebuild it as-is, rather than its current market value.
  • ✓  Coverage for other structures – including replacing a detached shed, fencing, gate, etc.
  • ✓  Coverage for personal property – to cover the replacement costs for certain belongings that may be lost due to environmental peril or theft.
  • ✓  Personal liability coverage – this helps pay repair, legal, and medical costs if you or a member of your family accidentally injures someone or damages another person’s property.
  • ✓  Guest medical coverage – this provides you with protection from liability if a visitor to your home is accidentally injured at your premises.
  • ✓  …and more.


So how do you identify the best homeowner’s insurance in California or Florida?


Work with Get A Quote!


Get A Quote makes it easy to compare providers and find the best homeowner’s insurance in Florida and California. Free to use, our system looks at a large pool of insurance providers and policy products to find the right one to meet your needs and suit your budget.


How does it work?


  1. Answer a few quick and easy questions
  2. Get free personalized quotes from several insurers for comparison
  3. Choose the policy that works for you
  4. Set up your new policy and get covered




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