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Is It a Total Loss?

Car accidents can often result in substantial damage to your vehicle. At what point is that damage considered a total loss? And what can you do if you experience a total loss, or totaled vehicle? Before you search for who...

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Knowing When to File An Auto Insurance Claim

Knowing when to file an auto insurance claim is important because there are instances when doing so is necessary and will help you, while there are also those when the costs of doing so might outweigh the benefits. If you...

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How to Know if Your Trailer is Insured

Driving comes with its costs. Maintaining a vehicle and paying for insurance can be pricey. But good coverage comes with the peace of mind that you are protected. When you’re hauling a trailer, you have even more to protect. The...

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What You Should Know About Insurance Before You Get To The Car Lot

Car insurance is necessary if you plan on driving a vehicle in the U.S., so knowing a few things about it can be helpful before you hit the car lot; otherwise, you put yourself at risk of making a rash...

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College Student Car Insurance Considerations

College is a time of new experiences, learning and growth opportunities, and changes. The question is: does it change the kind of car insurance you should have? There are many things to consider when attempting to get car insurance quotes,...

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Auto Insurance Basics: Understanding Insurance and What it Covers

Auto insurance may be widely required throughout the U.S., but that does not necessarily make getting it easy or second-nature. In fact, the decision to get insurance, and the type of insurance you get can be very difficult. There are...

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