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How to Know if Your Trailer is Insured

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Driving comes with its costs. Maintaining a vehicle and paying for insurance can be pricey. But good coverage comes with the peace of mind that you are protected. When you’re hauling a trailer, you have even more to protect. The question is, are you getting the protection you need? Is your trailer covered by your auto insurance policy, or does it need separate insurance coverage? You’ve asked yourself who has the cheapest car insurance in Florida—but how has the cheapest trailer insurance? Start here.


How Your Insurance Affects Your Trailer   


If you tow a trailer, you want to know it is protected. The good news is, that it very well could be. If you are in an accident while towing a trailer, your trailer will likely be covered by your insurance, specifically, by your liability insurance. But there are a few key factors that may determine that. One is, whether the trailer is registered and owned by the person the vehicle being driven is insured to. If it is, then it will most likely be covered by your insurance. Another factor is whether the trailer has its own motor. While many trailers used for hauling don’t have this issue, it is important to know that if they do have their own motor, they very well may not be covered by liability insurance. These factors are being considered for situations in which you are actually hauling a trailer and driving. But if your trailer is parked somewhere, detached from your car, it is important to know that it will likely not be covered either.


Separate Trailer Insurance May Still Be Useful


While your trailer may be covered by your insurance in some situations, it may be helpful to protect it with its own insurance. You may consider extended trailer coverage if you are planning on using a utility trailer to haul a vehicle of some sort, though keep in mind, it will cover the trailer, but not the vehicle if it is motorized. If you are hauling a motor vehicle you may need towing insurance. And if you are hauling a travel trailer, you may need separate insurance. If a trailer is rented, it will likely not be covered by your insurance, so you will want to make sure you purchase rental insurance for it. If your trailer is covered by your auto insurance, you will need to see if its contents are covered by your policy. If you are using it for business, and want its contents covered, you will probably need commercial insurance. It may be more expensive than personal insurance, but it will make sure your trailer and everything in it are covered.


Making Sure Your Trailer is Insured


Everything here is meant to be helpful, but the bottom line is, your trailer could be covered by your insurance, but if you are not sure, and you’re shopping policies, you should ask the insurance provider directly. If you don’t have an insurance provider or are looking for different or extended coverage, or if you’re curious about who has the cheapest car insurance in Florida, try Get-A-Quote. We provide access to the cheapest car insurance quotes, with an easy to use and incredibly helpful quiz. There’s no better place to find the quote you are looking for, and inform your insurance search.


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