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Meet GetaQuote.com: A New Lens to Help Consumers Focus in on Their Best Insurance

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National tech startup is connecting people to the right insurance policy to save them time and money


Insurance shopping online can be a daunting and unrewarding process, with many comparison tools leaving customers to fend for themselves. Get-A-Quote offers a new approach. Offering a quick and simple tech-forward quiz, Get-A-Quote streamlines the initial phase of shopping: getting a quote.




Get-A-Quote does one thing for insurance shoppers: inspiring and enabling people to connect with better insurance quotes that accurately match their needs. Best of all, Get-a-Quote speaks the language of normal people, breaking down the process in a manageable, tech-forward approach that isn’t time consuming.


The cornerstone of this process is a simple, intuitive quiz that unwraps the essential questions about the insurance searching process. At the end of the process, users are greeted by options, with a personal connection from a Get-A-Quote insurance concierge. It’s a totally free service, and the human-to-human touch enables better insurance decisions to be made right off the bat.




In an insurance industry with a crowded field of players, it can be difficult for the consumer to sort through options, compare pricing in their area, and know just what they are getting. Get-A-Quote’s hands-on, consumer-centric approach is central to making this happen. Quotes are delivered quickly and efficiently. A Get-A-Quote insurance concierge reaches out to the shopper, and assists in informing and guiding that customer to achieve their insurance goals. In addition, providing resources to inform consumers in their shopping process is a core goal of getaquote.com. Free in-depth articles are available to increase transparency and increase understanding.




With one of the most powerful ways of saving money when purchasing insurance is bundling more than one policy (like auto and home insurance). With a selection of the most common types of insurance: auto, home, renter’s, and life, along with accommodations for motorcycle, boat, and RV, practically everyone who is looking for their insurance product will get a boost from the tech-forward approach of Get-A-Quote.


“More than just getting connected with the right insurance policy, Get-A-Quote informs and empowers the consumer to help themselves, while also leveraging the broad connections of Get-A-Quote make it faster and simpler to get insured.”




Leveraging consumer-centric technologies and education resources, Get-A-Quote.com connects insurance shoppers to better options, enabling them to get custom quotes and recommendations in less time, thanks to a powerful web-based resource that streamlines insurance decisions and maximizes connection. Get-A-Quote continues to innovate, with the vision of being the best place online to get an insurance quote.


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