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The Best Policy: Get-A-Quote Opens for Business.

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One entrepreneur’s goal to add clarity, honesty, and connection to the insurance shopping process.


Tech-centered insurance start-up Get-A-Quote has announced that it is officially open for business, offering consumers a streamlined way to get a quote for a variety of insurance policies. Insurance is an industry not particularly known for “disruptor”-style innovation. With the advent of Get-A-Quote, customers have an innovative new option, and insurance professional and entrepreneur Marcio Pepe establishes himself as a voice of influence in the industry, and a source of change.


Marcio emigrated to Southern California from Brazil all alone when he was just 16, a move that was to have dramatic influence on his path as an entrepreneur. Left to navigate the day to day in a new country with minimal English, and at such a young age, seemingly mundane tasks took on new significance. As Pepe put it, growing up in San Diego County, “Set the stage for me, and built a hunger for improvement, while also developing my persistence in the face of adversity.”


After dedicating himself to his education, earning a business degree from U.C. Santa Barbara, Pepe entered the world of insurance. A few short years after graduating, he founded his own insurance brokerage, MPX Insurance Services, a brokerage that, 16 years later, is an established and still-growing regional agency in Orange County, California. Over that time, Pepe, honed and refined many processes, while also cultivating relationships with many of the industry’s major carriers. MPX now offers a wide range of property and casualty products that meet needs, and save his customers money.




Instead of limiting himself to the four walls of his own agency, Marcio built on his expertise, pursuing his grander intentions to affect the insurance industry on a national scale. Getaquote.com was formed to make this happen. Leaning into simple, straightforward tech that works in the way people work and think, Marcio was also sure to not shy away from real connection. As he puts it, “At the end of the day, at the center of Get-A-Quote is human connection—it’s something the industry isn’t doing, and is in fact doing the opposite, with automation being the standard form of innovation. It’s what allows Get-A-Quote to offer better quotes, much faster, with less effort on the part of the consumer.”




Where does the innovative-yet-commonsense approach to getting quotes lead? Marcio goes further: “We want to be able to leverage the data and information of our systems to feed more insight, and develop even more resources to promote transparency and long-term satisfaction with insurance.” Get-A-Quote is set to build upon its technology, its real-life connection, and the entrepreneurial edge of an industry expert.




Leveraging consumer-centric technologies and education resources, Get-A-Quote.com connects insurance shoppers to better options, enabling them to get custom quotes and recommendations in less time, thanks to a powerful web-based resource that streamlines insurance decisions and maximizes connection. Get-A-Quote continues to innovate, with the vision of being the best place online to get an insurance quote.


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