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Other Structures Coverage Defined

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Do you own a detached garage or shed? If yes, then you might want to invest in Other Structures Coverage. Other Structures Coverage is included in a majority of home insurance policies, along with Dwelling, Loss of Use, Medical Payments, Personal Liability, and Personal Property Coverage. To help you find the best homeowners insurance companies in California, we wrote a few blogs (just like this one) that go further in depth on what each coverage is and what it does for you and your property. In this blog, we will break down what Other Structures Coverage is and provide you the tools you need succeed in this insurance research journey.


What is Other Structures Coverage?

Other Structures Coverage, also known as Coverage B, helps cover the cost of rebuilding and repairing structures that are not attached to your home. If your home is fire, hail, or wind damaged, then that’s when your Other Structures Coverage kicks in. Structures like detached garages, fences, outdoor sheds, or others of a similar matter, apply to this coverage. Other Structures Coverage is similar to Dwelling Coverage in that they both provide protection to building/structures, but Other Structures Coverage covers for structures that are detached from your home whereas Dwelling Coverage covers for only your house.


To calculate how much Other Structures Coverage you are provided, multiply 10% to your total Dwelling Coverage (this is usually the percentage that majority of standard home insurance policies provide). For example, if your Dwelling Coverage limit is $100,000, then your Other Structures Coverage limit will be $10,000 after taking 10% of $100,000. Depending on how many additional structures you have on your property, you may need more than the standard 10%. Be sure to contact a home insurance agent if you want to increase your Other Structures Coverage limit.


With this, we hope that you have a better grasp on what Other Structures Coverage is. If you are still struggling to find the best homeowners insurance companies in California, then feel free to contact a Get-A-Quote professional today. Get-A-Quote provides a personal touch to your insurance research journey through human interaction!


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