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The Future of Home Insurance

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Several factors will significantly impact the home insurance industry within the next 5 years. These include material inflation rates, supply chain, and climate change. Despite these factors, predictions from experts show that homeowners will continue to purchase home insurance due to the low risk of loss and high cost of rebuilding in certain areas of the country. Overall, the future of home insurance continues to look bright! For more information on what you can do to ensure that your home is protected or how to get cheap home insurance, keep on reading.


Effects of Inflation Rates on Replacing Items

The US inflation rate has reached a seven-year high. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported an increase in inflation from 1.7% to 2.9%. Although inflation is good for many sectors, it affects how home insurance will be managed in 2022 and beyond. For example, building supplies are increasing in price and value due to high demand and inflation rates. The needs for new homes have increased steadily due to population growth over recent years and will continue to do so through 2022.


Supply Chain Impacts on Home Insurance

A supply-chain shortage on building materials for home repairs and renovations could lead to higher costs for homeowners insurance. Supply chain is a major factor impacting home insurance; materials used to fix a home and cover a claim are sourced from around the world, meaning a disruption anywhere in that process can increase costs on insuring those homes. Additionally, if there are delays in shipping or transportation issues at ports, it can also increase homeowners’ insurance premiums. In some regions, builders may have to pay higher prices for raw materials than they did last year—or even years before that—which means homeowners will see price increases as well.


Insurance Companies’ Active Position in Countering Climate Change

Climate change will have a major impact on insurance companies over time, as certain regions become more and more prone to natural disasters. However, climate change may be impacting insurance companies even sooner than expected— some areas are seeing droughts that are reportedly worse than those in California. In response to these early warning signs, many insurance companies are implementing programs to help customers better protect their homes against these climate change impacts. By offering incentives for installing green tech at homes, insurers gain loyal customers who are interested in protecting their property from future climate-related damages.


There’s a lot to consider when thinking about home insurance. There are also many factors that could potentially impact your homeowners insurance, but not all of them are created equal. Understanding which factors have an actual impact on home insurance can help you get coverage that meets your needs in 2022. If you are still struggling to find how to get cheap home insurance, contact a Get-a-Quote expert today. Get-a-Quote is a great insurance shopping tool that provides you the one-on-one experience you need for your insurance research journey.


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